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Machines That Stay Effective Over Time

By Solidity, Versatility and Simplicity

Since day-1, we took it as a mission to build the machines and deliver the solutions that Stay Long-time yet Effective which has fundamentally become the core concept of our Design Code. By far we take pride in seeing that some of our very early made equipment is still in operation at the client’s site.

By Solidity

Scheider – Simens PCI with Pro-Face touch screen

Patented Stainless Spring for lasting and optimal vibration

Memorable handle for optimal water flow

Double stabilizer of flume washer

Schmersal safety switches

By Versatility


Lueon machines are modular-designed featuring the ease of assemble & disassemble.


Lueon machines are variable driven for the optimal balance of productivity and quality.

By Simplicity

Ease of Clean Up

As part of our design code, Lueon machines stand out through their simple cleaning and excellent hygiene keeping.