• Cut various vegetables and fruits into dices. Suitable for: Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, pears, melons, onions, pumpkins, cucumbers, etc.
  • Cut leafy vegetables into designated sizes in big volume.
  • Cut leafy vegetables and tuberous products into pieces, slices, dices, and sticks. Suitable for: White radish, carrot, zucchini, ball lettuce, purple olive, Chinese cabbage, etc.
  • Bias-cut elongated tuberous products into flat or crinkle shapes. Suitable for: elongated products such as carrots, cucumbers, asparagus, celtuce, zucchini, etc.
  • Cut leeks into shreds of designated thickness.
  • Cut elongated vegetables into designated lengths. Suitable for: Chinese radish, cucumber, long-shaped pepper, etc.
  • For cutting leafy or root vegetables into slices, pieces, and strips of different thicknesses. Suitable for: Ball lettuce, cabbage, purple olives, Chinese cabbage, etc.
  • 3 sealing modes working in chilling, humid and ambient environments.