• For hand prepared, peeling, trimming, decoring and semi-product conveying.
  • The packaging system incorporates inspecting, bagging, sealing, conveying to increase operators’ efficiency.
  • Cut leafy vegetables and tuberous products into pieces, slices, dices, and sticks. Suitable for: White radish, carrot, zucchini, ball lettuce, purple olive, Chinese cabbage, etc.
  • For ascending and conveying inspected or cut vegetables. Usually stationed between cutting machine and cleansing machine.
  • Inline monitoring of pH and automatic filling of disinfectants and citric acid.
  • Extend washing and bacteria reducing through a loop-shaped flume conveyor.
  • Typically stationed between vibrating dewatering machine and cleansing line for operators to hand-inspect the semi-products.
  • Such a simple yet flexible design allows for the surrounding 4 operators to conduct the last-minute inspection before the product has to be weighed and bagged. Underneath the platform is a belt conveyor to transport the weighed and packed product for sealing.
  • Incorporating an air injection system, the secondary washer applies the thorough cleaning action with least damage to the product. The air amount can be variable adjusted to achieve a soft or strong turbulent washing water.
  • Dry or drain surface water by centrifugal rotation and minimize the damage to vegetables.
  • With a variable controlled air injection system to gain soft or strong turbulence of water flow. The roller pushes down the material stream and detaches small stones, clay granules, and sand particles.