“A growing number of Chinese suppliers use our vegetable processing equipment”

//“A growing number of Chinese suppliers use our vegetable processing equipment”

Consumers have paid more attention to food safety since the outbreak of Covid-19. This also means that standards in fruit and vegetable processing industries have been raised. Washing the product is an important step in processing fresh-cut fruit and vegetables. Efficient and convenient washing equipment does not just improve the production efficiency, but also guarantees a supply of top-quality, food-safe fresh-cut fruit and vegetables to the Chinese market.

A growing number of Chinese fruit and vegetable suppliers are currently replacing outdated processing equipment to make sure they provide Chinese consumers with the highest-quality, food-safe fruit and vegetables.

Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment for the Chinese fresh-cut salad and vegetable industry. The company recently supplied CP.Goods with a brand new fresh-cut vegetable washing line. Valencia, a spokesperson for Lueon Technologies, said, “We recently supplied a production line for the CP.Goods factory in Tianjin. This production line includes equipment that processes, cuts, sterilizes, washes, dries, and packages fruit and vegetables. This processing line is mostly used for leaf vegetables and has a capacity of 2 ton per hour.”

“Lettuce and similar vegetables usually require 2-3 minutes of washing, but traditional equipment rarely meets these requirements. We have improved this process and extended the period when the vegetables are washed and sterilized. The long and narrow washing tunnel extends the time that the vegetables spend in the water and improves the efficiency of the cleaning process. Filters further separate the vegetables from small stones, soil, grit, etc.”

According to Valencia, “another point of interest is the automatic control of water in the washing line. Monitoring equipment controls the PH-level of the water and adds or removes water to maintain the right levels. The equipment also adds sterilizer and citric acid when necessary. Vegetables pass through this stage and are then again washed thoroughly to further reduce the number of micro-organisms and guarantee the highest level of food safety.”

CP.Goods is a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand Group. One of their brands, CP Lotus, already runs more than 75 large-scale shopping malls. CP Lotus shares a similar view with Lueon Technologies, which is to provide consumers with the highest quality fresh and safe food products. Lueon Technologies has provided equipment to CP.Goods since 2015. Lueon first installed a production line in a CP.Goods factory in Nantong, and followed with production lines in Chengdu and Tianjin. These production lines provide a continuous supply of fresh fruit and vegetables for CP Lotus shopping malls across China. According to Valencia: “A growing number of suppliers have come to us this year for food processing equipment. We are also happy to see that some of our clients have had our equipment for more than 10 years, and the machines are still working well. That is one of the reasons why old customers continue to work with us and new customers come to us. In addition to CP.Goods, we also supply Bakkavor, Unong, Hi Hotpot, and other suppliers with equipment and comprehensive customer services. Food safety is important for everyone, and this only works if processing factories monitor and control product quality. Only then are consumers able to eat without worry, and eat healthy.”

Lueon Technologies was established in 2003. The company is a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment for the Chinese fresh-cut salad and vegetable industry. Lueon Technologies has provided Chinese industries with research and development, design, and manufacturing of equipment and comprehensive solutions for fresh-cut fruit and vegetable needs. This includes peeling, slicing, washing, sterilizing, and sealing equipment.

A growing number of overseas clients has become aware of the great price-quality ratio that Lueon Technologies offers, and the company is more than happy to set its eyes on the international market. In this way Lueon Technologies is able to help even more clients produce top-quality, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

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