Lueon equipment supports development in Chinese freshly-sliced fruit and vegetable industry

//Lueon equipment supports development in Chinese freshly-sliced fruit and vegetable industry

Developments in the industry for freshly-sliced fruit and vegetables do not just come in response to consumer trends, but they are also stimulated by technological developments. Every research breakthrough and technological innovation leads to a change in the industry, no matter how small or big that change may be.

Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. recently provided comprehensive engineering services for the Vegetable Research Center at the Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Sciences. Lueon developed experimental equipment that supports further research and development in the Chinese freshly-cut fruit and vegetable industry.

Lueon spokesperson, Valencia, explained that the company worked together with the Vegetable Research Center to research the development and supply of room-sized equipment.

“We designed experimental equipment for the research center. The equipment includes a processing stage, cleaning stage, and packaging stage. We also installed our most recent machinery, including selection machines, peeling machines, multi-functional slicing machines, color-selection machines, sterilization and washing lines, as well as centrifugal machines, automated weighing machines, and packaging machines. Together these machines form an advanced and innovative fresh produce processing line.”

“The Vegetable Research Center at the Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Science has a strong research focus on micro-organisms and fresh produce preservation. We recognize that developments in the freshly-sliced vegetable and fruit industry are inseparably linked to research in these fields. The scientific results of their hard work form a foundation for the equipment we develop.” According to Valencia, “the current cold supply chain only keeps salad vegetables fresh for about 5-7 days. If there is a way to extend the shelf-life of salad vegetables, then we are more than happy as a company to provide the experimental equipment for scientific research in this field. That is how the industry moves forward.”

In addition to the Beijing Agriculture and Forestry Academy of Sciences, Lueon has also worked closely together with several other research facilities in the last few years. The company has provided equipment to support research in their laboratories. When asked why these laboratories selected Lueon to manufacture experimental equipment, Valencia explained, “we promote our machines in the market, but we also participate in various scientific conferences. We have built a certain reputation in the industry. When laboratories consider suppliers, Lueon is one of the first names to come to mind.”

Standards in the freshly-sliced fruit and vegetable industry have become stricter as consumers pay more and more attention to food safety and product quality. Lueon has years of experience in the development, design, and manufacture of specialized equipment for the vegetable and freshly-sliced salad industry. The company provides specialized machines and custom-made solutions, including machines for peeling, slicing, washing, drying, and sealing fresh produce.

Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and is now one of the leading companies in China’s freshly-sliced fruit and vegetable industry. The company currently supplies processing lines, specialized machines, and services for more than 210 factories. Their equipment processes vegetables for about 8,000 restaurants and chain stores in China, including KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Dicos, Kungfu, and Haidilao Hotpot. Lueon has now set its eyes on the international market to help even more clients produce high-quality, freshly-sliced fruits and vegetables.

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