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  • Serving 8,000+ fast food restaurants

    via 210+ clients with 20+ years of passion & iteration


    Some 20 years ago, Lueon was at the first responding to the fast expansion of KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut in the vast China.

    Starting with strong engineer backgrounds, from a single standalone slicer to complete processing lines, Lueon's founder, Lou and Zhang, have been passionate about developing the cost-effective yet world-class fresh cut solutions to aid the rapid chaining and franchising of the world most recognized fast food brands in China.


    Today, Lueon's processing lines and machines are operating in 210+ plants to produce the fresh cut lettuces and vegetables which are served daily in 8,000+ fast food restaurants in China, namely: KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Dicos, ZKungfu, Hidilao(Hi Hotpot) etc.


    Standing ahead as the BIGGEST MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER of processing line and standalone machines in the field of fresh cut salads & vegetables in China, Lueon's founders know well that only passion is not enough. For two decades, Lueon team keeps, in a progressive approach, designing and prototyping with new concepts, innovating with the balanced consideration of ownership costs and usability, iterating the machines and lines in every detail which ultimately help secure the highest usability and cost-effectiveness.

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  • The Lueon process

    Ownership costs & usability


    20 years ago Lueon was founded with a spirit of ingenuity. Today we carry on with the same spirit, improve and apply the unique design code and move onto further development.


    We favor the immediacy of drawing and the tactility of a prototype over modeling on computers. And our clients benefit from the visceral reaction of seeing a small scale model or full size prototype.


    Every machine we build is manufactured right in our Ningbo factory. From concept to execution - nothing is outsourced. Thus, we have a full control of product quality as well as production lead time.