• Machines

    Standalone & Integrable!

  • For leafy vegetables

    Lettuce, baby leaf, spinach etc


    3-tier rotary systems

    Typically stationed as the start of processing line and featuring the integrated preparation tables and conveyors, the 3-tier rotary systems are used for peeling, trimming or coring of vegetables materials to be input to the downstream slicing process


    V-belt slicer specialized in leafy vegetables

    Available in two models providing medium to large cutting capacity, the Lueon slicer accepts compressible products such as leafy vegetables and uniformly slices them to gain a full range of slices, shreds, and julienne cuts. VFD (variable frequency drive) offers precise speed control and maximum energy savings.


    Mobile conveyor

    Often used after a belt slicer, the Lueon conveyor consists of a mobile frame and a belt having a support segregater over which cut vegetables and/or leafy vegetables are lifted from low land to high platform, typically a flue washer.

    Flume washing

    Washer with least damage to tender materials

    Incorporating an air injection system, the washer allows a thorough cleaning action with least damage to the product. The air amount can be variable controlled with to achieve a soft or strong turbulence in the washing water. The air injection system is divided into two sections, which operate alternatively. This alternating operation of the sections creates a peristaltic movement of the product through the washer.


    Inspection belt

    Oftentimes the inspection belt is placed after the flume washer. The bottom of the table is provided with guide rails on which crates may be placed to collect the waste and irregularities It is available in various lengths with optional speed control.

    Progressive cleansing & sanitizing

    Flume conveyor featuring

    Featuring 1-2-3 progressive cleansing, the stainless steel conveying system allows for multi-phrase cleansing & optional sanitizing with the chlorine solutions. Through the turbulent washing water it detaches small stones, clay granules and sand particles from the product.

    Secondary washing

    Further removal of impurities

    Incorporating an air injection system, the secondary washer applies the thorough cleaning action with least damage to the product. The air amount can be variable adjusted to achieve a soft or strong turbulent washing water.

    Surface water removal


    The spin-dryer is perfectly suited to dry all vegetables like leek, pepper, carrot, cucumber, onion, mushroom, pineapple as well as crunchy lettuce, chicory, Iceberg, lettuce, delicate herbs, etc.

    Convenient handling is guaranteed due to 5 settings of individual spinning speeds and freely adjustable spinning time, assuring an optimal adaptation to the produce going together with an excellent price value ratio.

    Weighing & Bagging

    Platform for weighing, bagging and final inspecting

    Such a simple yet flexible design allows for the surrounding 4 operators to conduct the last-minute inspection before the product has to be weighed and bagged. Underneath the platform is a belt conveyor to transport the weighed and packed product for sealing.


    Vacuum sealer in a row for max productivity

    The Lueon vacuum sealer with gas injection are optimal for prolonged shelf life and superb presentation. It can be placed and aligned on belt-top for continuous and high volume sealing. The modified atmosphere packaging is optional to the sealer.

  • For tuberous products

  • 3D dicer

    • Accepts large Infeed products of up to 15cm.
    • Dice, strip, slices, granulate at high production capacities.
    • The machine also features fine-tuning through adjustable collars on both cutting spindles for ultimate precision.

    Belt dicer

    • Solid build for the frozen products processing.
    • Dice, strip meat & poultry products at high capacity.
    • High hygienic standard that meets the industry’s requirements.

    Belt slicer

    • Features bottom belt conveying and top belt pressing for cutting & slicing.
    • Easy knife replacement.
    • High slicing quality

    Bias slicer

    • Produces a variety of crinkle or flat bias slices.
    • Ideally suited for elongated products.
    • Accepts products up to 73mm in diameter.
    • Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.

    Length sizer

    • Horizontally segments the elongated products such as cucumbers into the desirable length.
    • The cut products can then be stripped by the downstream stripper.
    • Both belts and knives are replaceable to segment in various lengths.

    Horizontal stripper

    • The length-sized cucumbers are loaded by hand into the machine, the lever operates a plunger that passes the cucumber through the blade.
    • Blades & plungers are simple interchangeable to product 2, 4, 6 or 8 segments - with or without the seed core removed.
    • Throughput can be in excess of 10 whole cucumbers per minute.

  • Stainless or Sand Blasting

    Within the territory of China and for two decades, the leading fast food chains have the common preference of having STAINLESS SURFACE machines and lines deployed in their workshops, which is why Lueon follows the requirements to design the machines. But for the international users, we certainly have sand blasting version to meet the requirements upon request.