• Typically stationed as the start of processing line and featuring the integrated preparation tables and conveyors, the 3-tier rotary systems are used for peeling, trimming or coring of vegetables materials to be input to the downstream slicing process
    • Accepts large Infeed products of up to 15cm.
    • Dice, strip, slices, granulate at high production capacities.
    • The machine also features fine-tuning through adjustable collars on both cutting spindles for ultimate precision.
    • Features bottom belt conveying and top belt pressing for cutting & slicing.
    • Easy knife replacement.
    • High slicing quality
    • Produces a variety of crinkle or flat bias slices.
    • Ideally suited for elongated products.
    • Accepts products up to 73mm in diameter.
    • Features continuous operation for uninterrupted production.
  • Progressive cleansing & sanitizing
  • Often used after a belt slicer, the Lueon conveyor consists of a mobile frame and a belt having a support segregater over which cut vegetables and/or leafy vegetables are lifted from low land to high platform, typically a flue washer.
  • Incorporating an air injection system, the washer allows a thorough cleaning action with least damage to the product. The air amount can be variable controlled with to achieve a soft or strong turbulence in the washing water. The air injection system is divided into two sections, which operate alternatively. This alternating operation of the sections creates a peristaltic movement of the product through the washer.
    • The length-sized cucumbers are loaded by hand into the machine, the lever operates a plunger that passes the cucumber through the blade.
    • Blades & plungers are simple interchangeable to product 2, 4, 6 or 8 segments - with or without the seed core removed.
    • Throughput can be in excess of 10 whole cucumbers per minute.
  • Oftentimes the inspection belt is placed after the flume washer. The bottom of the table is provided with guide rails on which crates may be placed to collect the waste and irregularities It is available in various lengths with optional speed control.

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