25 03, 2020

New technologies for salad washing


Food safety is the most important thing that everyone cares about. But during vegetable processing, cleaning is often accompanied by damage. How to achieve thorough cleaning while reducing damage is always a hot topic in the industry, according to sales manager Valencia Yu from Lueon Technologies.Last year, Lueon Technologies, a [...]

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3 03, 2020

New technologies to monitor fresh-cut products


The Fresca&Pura brand produces fresh-cut organic baby leaves and was launched a little over a year ago by Orto Bellina, a family business set up in 2001. "We have specialized in the production of fresh-cut organic baby leaf salads. We work mainly with the distributor brand but, in late 2018, [...]

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26 02, 2020

SalaJoe to go Farm: Salad vending machine to avoid surplus goods at the POS


Innovation sometimes comes unexpectedly and small ideas can develop into more than originally thought. Jochen Haubner from the vegetable growing company of the same name in Nuremberg recently discovered this. A "salad vending machine" was his 'crackpot idea ', only to be developed together with a friend who manufactures special [...]

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21 02, 2020

Lueon launches upgraded dryer for vegetables


The fresh fruits and veg industry is fast developing, especially nowadays when consumers are becoming more and more focused on convenience products, and more companies are looking at processed fruits and vegetables, for example for fresh-cut salads. Established in 2003, Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the leading machine [...]

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4 02, 2020

Gewa 5000V enables kosher processing of salads and vegetables


Together with Kronen's official representative in Israel, Muskat Technologies Ltd., Kronen has produced two GEWA 5000V PLUS washing machines for a customer near the Israeli city of Kiryat Gat, which are suitable for kosher processing of salads and vegetables. The customer in Israel, company Yevuli Hakfar, processes cabbage, iceberg lettuce, [...]

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29 01, 2020

Transverse belt slicing machine makes precision slicing of oblong vegetables possible


The new Volantis transverse belt slicing machine is designed for the precision slicing of oblong vegetables. The Belgian company, FAM, manufactures this slicer. Not only products such as cucumbers, carrots, and courgettes can be processed using this machine. It can also be used to slice green beans, gherkins, okra, celery, [...]

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18 12, 2019

Vanmark introduces hydrocutter skid system


Vanmark’s hydrocutters pump product in water through a fixed array of stainless steel cutting blades. The hydrocutter skid provides quality and durability in an easy-to-install, compact integrated system. Its user-friendly, flexible operation and sanitary design make the hydrocutter skid essential for processors. Some key features include: · Pumps product in [...]

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12 11, 2019

“Water-jet cutting of asparagus allows minimal waste”


Short asparagus, protuberances, fouling, curved or crooked bars: asparagus growers and processors always have these problem using conventional knife cutting technology. The new process is so far unique in the world of asparagus, assures managing director Hermann Neubauer, who will demonstrate the latest version of the high-tech line at the [...]

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11 10, 2019

Salad Station multiplies via robot


Last week on QSRweb sister site, Pizza Marketplace, one Washington State pizza restaurateur discussed his hopes to use a soon-to-be-installed automated pizza assembly line to grow his Zaucer brand in earnest. Now all the way across the country in Louisiana, southeastern U.S. salad QSR, Salad Station, is hoping its use [...]

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16 09, 2019

New spiral washer has capacities up to 3000 kg/hr


Recently, Sormac launched the spiral washer type SW-80 for capacities up to 3,000 kg/hr. Based on the successful Sormac SW-50, the SW-80 can wash sliced various (non-)floating vegetables such as ice berg, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and many more.Product is washed intensively in the wash tank, which optionally can be [...]

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