Basket washing machine to save labor cost

//Basket washing machine to save labor cost

In the fresh-cut industry, hundreds of baskets are used to carry raw products or transfer semi-products. But the cleaning process of these baskets is a huge cost, which requires a lot of time and labor. As requested by customers, Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. have designed an automatic basket washer, combining washing and drying.

“The biggest highlight are the pendular nozzles in the middle, which can thoroughly clean all the remaining vegetable leaves in each corner. These leaves will then be gathered by the side filters,” said Valencia Yu of Lueon Technologies.

After washing, the conveyor will deliver baskets to the drying process. This basket washer can be connected with a basket stacker to achieve full automation. “This machine is an economical choice. It helps processing factories save a huge amount of water and labor cost. “

Established in 2003, Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the leading machine manufacturers in the fresh-cut salads & vegetable industry in China. “With years of experience, Lueon is specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and supplying expert equipment and solutions for vegetables and fresh-cut salads, including peelers, slicers, washers, dryers, sealers, etc.”

Lueon’s processing lines and machines are operating in more than 210 plants to produce the fresh-cut lettuces and vegetables, which are delivered and served daily to over 8,000 fast-food restaurants in China.

Now, Lueon is looking for global partners to help provide fresh vegetables with high quality to the world.

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