Gewa 5000V enables kosher processing of salads and vegetables

//Gewa 5000V enables kosher processing of salads and vegetables
Together with Kronen‘s official representative in Israel, Muskat Technologies Ltd., Kronen has produced two GEWA 5000V PLUS washing machines for a customer near the Israeli city of Kiryat Gat, which are suitable for kosher processing of salads and vegetables. The customer in Israel, company Yevuli Hakfar, processes cabbage, iceberg lettuce, babyleaf and Romaine lettuce with a capacity of up to 50 tons per day. The company sells its processed products to hotels and restaurants, which place great emphasis on high product quality in order to save time and personnel costs in the preparation of meals.
The washing line consists of two GEWA 5000V PLUS washing machines with an optimized kosher filter system that ensures kosher processing of the food. The filters were designed by Muskat Technologies Ltd. who worked together with Kronen to integrate the filter system into the washing machine. The filters have the highest kosher certification, ensuring that the product is processed safely in accordance with the requirements for kosher food production.

The optimised kosher filter system was a decisive criterion in the purchase decision for the new washing line at Yevuli Hakfar, who are already long-standing customers of Kronen and Muskat Technologies Ltd. and who use a GS 10-2, a GS 20 belt cutting machine and a Kronen vegetable and salad spinner.

Extensive test run

After completion of the production of the two GEWA 5000V PLUS, Mordechai Muscat of Muscat Technologies Ltd. as well as two employees and the responsible rabbi travelled to Kronen in Kehl and successfully carried out various tests with the two washing machines, which showed that the filters work very well and therefore the acceptance of the machines took place. The tests ensured that the filters are optimally integrated into the washing machines and that all customer requirements are met. Now the two GEWA 5000V PLUS are already in use at Yevuli Hakfar and produce several tons of washed salad and vegetables every day.

In the weeks following the delivery of the two GEWA 5000V PLUS to Israel, Muskat Technologies Ltd. already sold three more washing machines, two GEWA 3800V PLUS and one GEWA 4000V PLUS, with the kosher filter system.

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