Lueon launches upgraded dryer for vegetables

//Lueon launches upgraded dryer for vegetables
The fresh fruits and veg industry is fast developing, especially nowadays when consumers are becoming more and more focused on convenience products, and more companies are looking at processed fruits and vegetables, for example for fresh-cut salads. Established in 2003, Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the leading machine manufacturers in the fresh-cut salads & vegetable industry in China. After years of development, Lueon is specialized in developing, designing, manufacturing and supplying expert equipment and solutions for vegetables and fresh-cut salads, including peelers, slicers, washers, dryers, sealers, etc.

Upgraded Spin Dryer
This year, Lueon launched an upgraded drying machine. Compared with the old design, the new one has a greatly shortened drying time and reduces the damage to vegetables.

‘‘With this new design, the biggest highlight is the combined clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. The rotation speed has risen from 450 revs per minute to 800 per minute, which greatly shortens the drying time and increases the productivity of the whole processing line,’’ explained by Huaming Guo, Lueon’s lead engineer. ‘‘We’ve also added a shock absorption system to improve stability and reduce noise.’’

Today, Lueon’s processing lines and machines are operating in more than 210 plants to produce the fresh-cut lettuces and vegetables which are delivered and served daily to over 8,000 fast-food restaurants in China – including KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Dicos, ZKungfu, Hidilao (Hi Hotpot), etc.

Now, Lueon is looking to the global market to help provide fresh vegetables with high quality.

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