New technologies to monitor fresh-cut products

//New technologies to monitor fresh-cut products

The Fresca&Pura brand produces fresh-cut organic baby leaves and was launched a little over a year ago by Orto Bellina, a family business set up in 2001.

“We have specialized in the production of fresh-cut organic baby leaf salads. We work mainly with the distributor brand but, in late 2018, we launched our premium “Fresca&Pura” brand.”

“This range includes lamb’s lettuce, rocket, green lettuce, baby spinach, julienned carrots and mixed salad. Packaging lines work with two optical sorters.”

In the detail, a Raytec Spray Blueight optical sorter is located upstream to check the produce at the start of the line, then there is a Tomra downstream which checks the produce before it is bagged.

“We use two different technologies. Tomra employs a laser system while Raytec employs cameras. This way, we want to guarantee the maximum product quality. As far as we know, we are the only ones in Italy with such a system.”

What is more, in addition to a traditional metal detector, the company purchased a Raycon x-ray machine that scans closed bag as a last final check.


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