Transverse belt slicing machine makes precision slicing of oblong vegetables possible

//Transverse belt slicing machine makes precision slicing of oblong vegetables possible

The new Volantis transverse belt slicing machine is designed for the precision slicing of oblong vegetables. The Belgian company, FAM, manufactures this slicer. Not only products such as cucumbers, carrots, and courgettes can be processed using this machine. It can also be used to slice green beans, gherkins, okra, celery, and potatoes. The Volantis can also process certain lettuce varieties. These are lettuces with a sturdy head, measuring up to 115mm in diameter. Included are iceberg lettuce and radicchio.

This machine can handle compressible lettuce varieties too. These must have loose leaves and a diameter of 160mm. Here, curly lettuce, oak leaf lettuce, and arugula are included. Other leafy vegetables such as spinach and radish leaves can also be processed by this slicer.

The Volantis can be fed manually or by any feeding system. The feeding system must, however, feed the product into the machine at a steady rate. The wide feeding channel lines up small, thin products for the cutting wheel.

“The more than 2m long feeder zone ensures better product orientation. It lines the products up perfectly. They cannot topple over while they are being fed into the cutting wheel,” says a FAM representative.

Quick precision slicing

The cutting wheels of the 24 series make for a constant slicing speed while the product is being processed. This is done together with the conveyor belts and cutting wheel speed. These speeds are selected or programmed using VFDs. For most vegetables, this constant slicing speed can be achieved without the need for an upper band being driven.

The Volantis’ slicers rotate at high speeds. These are combined with the machine’s unique slicing method. This combination results in uniform, smooth slices with minimal tears and fraying. That ensures the products have a longer shelf life.

Great product flexibility and unprecedented ease of use

A compact color touchscreen offers a simplified, easy-to-follow operator interface. This makes for a smooth set-up and quick product changeovers. “People can save and consult up a slicing applications list. Included in this are exact slicing measurements and speeds. This makes it easy to work this machine, even for inexperienced operators”, explain the FAM spokesperson.

The integrated standard frequency controls (VFDs) makes it possible to exactly regulate the Volantis’ speed. These VFDs also ensure maximum flexibility with products of different slicing measurements.

Developed to reduce cost of ownership and increase productivity

The Volantis is a V-belt slicing machine designed to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). At the same time, it should increase production. It also has improved hygiene and access for cleaning and fewer wear parts. Add in easily replaceable conveyor belts and increased efficiency. These help cut back on the TCO. All these things also ensure that the cost of investing in this machine will rapidly be recouped.

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