Vegetable processing line for Beijing Daxing International Airport

//Vegetable processing line for Beijing Daxing International Airport

A lot of fresh products move through airports so, in order to have a smooth operation each day, vegetable processing lines can be a big help.

“Last year, Lueon installed two vegetable processing lines for the Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group (CAG) in Daxing, Beijing, China. These vegetable processing lines mainly service Beijing Daxing International Airport, one of the biggest airports in the world. Built in 2019, the new mega-airport hub is expected to handle up to 45 million passengers per year by 2021 and reach an outstanding 100 million in the future.”

High capacity to ensure daily supply

“There will be a huge demand from the new airport in the future. So we want a line with high capacity and stable quality. Lueon has a good reputation in the Chinese market and its processing lines can be customized for up to 5 tons per hour. Meanwhile, the quality of the final products still meet our standards. That’s why we finally choose them,” CAG’s purchasing manager said.

The modular design enables flexible modification

“We have applied modular design to the line. Customers only need to change the combination of some machines to process different vegetable types instead of buying another line. In this way, machines are easy to maintain and it also helps customers save on costs,” Lueon’s sales manager added.

Lueon’s processing lines and machines are operating in more than 210 plants to produce the fresh-cut lettuces and vegetables which are delivered and served daily to over 8,000 fast-food restaurants in China.

Now, Lueon are looking for global partners to help them provide fresh vegetables with high quality all over the world.

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