“We improve our production quality to offer consumers better price-quality ratio”

//“We improve our production quality to offer consumers better price-quality ratio”

An important process in the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry is drying after the products are washed. Keeping the surface of the fruit and vegetables dry helps to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms on the surface, which in turn helps to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Valencia, the spokesperson for Ningbo Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd., recently talked about the latest air-drying technology.

There are two main methods for drying fruit and vegetables after washing them: centrifuge and air-drying. The first method uses centrifugal force to dry the surface area of fruit and vegetables. This method is highly efficient and the most popular method in the industry. However, this method is not suitable for more delicate products such as leaf vegetables, which can easily be damaged in the centrifuge.

The second method is air-drying. Although the production capacity is less efficient than centrifugal drying, air-drying is more suitable for delicate vegetables. In addition, because the technology is not that complicated, the cost price of manufacturing is relatively low. We always recommend air-drying machines to clients who look for the most reasonably-priced and efficient way to dry leaf vegetables.” According to Valencia, “When the equipment is running, the conveyor belt vibrates to distribute the vegetables equally across the belt. The vegetables are then air-dried. This method can operate in tandem with the washing system to create one integrated washing and air-drying system.”
The engineers at Lueon Technology recently improved the air-drying equipment. “Air-drying equipment uses cold air to dry the vegetables. This method eliminates up to 95% of the water on the surface area of leaf vegetables and processes 1-1.5 tons per hour. We have added a touchscreen to visualize the functionalities of the air-drying machine. Clients are able to quickly and conveniently adjust the functionalities of the equipment, such as wind power and processing speed. In addition, the upgraded equipment is not only more stable and safe, but also IP67 waterproof. The machine is moisture-proof and waterproof and can be rinsed down directly. Other than that, we have added a special conveyor belt that makes it easier to open up packaging and wash the vegetables,” said Valencia.

Lueon Technologies is one of the leading companies specialized in the manufacturing of processing equipment for the fresh-cut salad and vegetable industry. The company manufactures fresh-cut processing equipment for more than 210 clients. Lueon Technologies recently supplied three vegetable processing lines for CP.GOODS.

According to Valencia, “We recently supplied production lines for the CP.GOODS factory in Tianjin. The production line includes preparation, cutting, sterilization and washing, drying, and packaging. This processing line is mainly used for leaf vegetables and can process 2 tons per hour.”

Lueon Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. The company now provides services for more than 210 clients. These clients supply fresh-cut vegetables every day to more than 8,000 Chinese fast food restaurants including KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Dicos, Kungfu, and Haidilao Hotpot. Lueon has now set eyes on the international market to help even more clients produce top-quality fresh vegetables.

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